All aboard the Thrive Bus!


Here at Head Office we’re always delighted to hear stories and see pictures from Practitioners from across the country. We know that space in schools is often at a premium and we’re increasingly amazed by the way in which Practitioners use their initiative to create magical Thrive spaces for the children that they work with. Recently, the office has been abuzz with news of a very special Thrive space, St Margaret’s Academy’s Thrive Bus!









Last week, I was lucky enough to visit St Margaret’s and experience the Thrive bus for myself. It was fantastic to see the space and I can now absolutely understand why the children at St Margaret’s are so proud of their Thrive bus.

When the bus first arrived at St Margaret’s it was in need of a little TLC, but, with the help of a renovation company it’s now a beautiful, quiet space that the children can enjoy.

Bright colours and friendly puppets make the Thrive bus a very welcoming learning environment. There are colourful stools and flip up desks for creative activities, plenty of space in which to work with stories, sand and puppets and behind the shiny purple door at the back of the bus, I found a cosy relaxation space, complete with emotion cushions and colour changing mood lights. This truly is a very special Thrive space.


In talking to the staff at St Margaret’s I heard how children of all ages within the school have relished the opportunity to come to the Thrive bus for one-on-one sessions, group work and sometimes just when they need a little space to un-wind. The Thrive bus is still under development as they are hoping to have some graphics printed for the sides of the bus and there may be a name change coming up in the future. Here at the office we think that whatever the bus is called, the children at St Margaret’s are very lucky to have such an inspirational space within their school especially for them.

Grace Melsher, Member Services Co-ordinator