Alternative Support for Children’s Mental Health

Thrive Approach

How can support be provided within funding constraints?

With more attention than ever surrounding child and adolescent mental health, we need to establish new ways of working with young people. Health professionals note that there is a lack of funding, meaning that long waiting lists and insufficient measures are putting a great number of children and adolescents at risk.

To combat this, alternatives are necessary in order to bridge the gap and provide different forms of therapy and support.

Predominantly, a digital approach is favoured. If this demographic generally spends much time on the internet, it makes perfect sense to bring the services to this arena. Online counselling has been suggested as an alternative to face-to-face therapy. Young people can chat with professionals, providing immediate guidance.

Whole emotional wellbeing platforms could exist, providing online chat facilities, helpful articles and information, as well as a directory of organisations providing support.

A similar platform for parents has also been considered to enable parents to access advice on how to speak to young people in their care. From parents to teachers, the role adults play in the journey towards better wellbeing is vital.

Other methods discussed include the provision of health professionals in schools to discuss mental wellbeing issues with teachers. This may leave staff better equipped to work with the young people in their classrooms.

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