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* FREE with any Early Years, Childhood or Adolescent Licensed Practitioner course:

 – the first two modules in the brand new Thrive e-induction package.

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* FREE with our blended learning version of the Childhood Licensed Practitioner course:

– the first two modules in the brand new Thrive e-induction package

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Your free Thrive e-induction modules

Inspire and engage those you work alongside with our brand new Thrive e-induction series.

Once you have booked your Licensed Practitioner course, you will receive access to the first two modules of the new Thrive e-induction, due to be released in Autumn 2019.

The first module provides an overview of the Thrive Approach and how it can make positive changes in your setting. You will find out about the key philosophies underpinning the Approach and how it works to meet the emotional and social needs of every child. You will learn about the practical application of Thrive and hear from staff who have embedded it within their setting.

The second module will guide you through the impact that the Thrive Approach has had on a range of settings, covering the positive effects experienced by staff, parents and children. Crucially, you will learn how Thrive changes lives.

To successfully embed Thrive, all adults in a setting must change how they relate to children by becoming self-aware, shifting their perceptions around behaviour and relationships. The new Thrive e-induction package will help you to share your aspirations with colleagues in your setting, helping them to embrace Thrive and support every child.

* Offer is applicable for all Licensed Practitioner courses booked and started within this academic year, i.e. before 31 August 2019.

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