The Thrive Team

Diana Dewing
Managing Director
Nicki Courtney
Finance & Administration Manager
Kirsty Crowe
Head of Operations
Kate Middleton
Member Services Manager
Lucy Latchmore
Content Development Manager
Mark Sanders-Barwick
Marketing Manager
Simon Hill
IT Services Manager
Liz Charles
Senior Lead: Healthcare
Viv Trask-Hall
Principal Trainer
Ben Blunt
Principal Trainer
Lee Prichard
Head of Sector (Wales, Central, North-West, North-East)
Jen Norris
Head of Sector - (South-West, South-East and London)
Andy Nicholls
Head of Sector – East, North Central & Yorks & Humberside
Dominique Skelton
Relationship Manager (Yorks & Humberside)
Dani Lawson
Relationship Manager (North Central)
Diane Curtis
Relationship Manager (South-East)
Melanie Fisher
Relationship Manager (East)
Joey Bowers
Relationship Manager (Wales)
Kathryn Garnett
Relationship Manager – North East & North West England
Kay Hamilton
Relationship Manager – Central England
Rose Webb
Relationship Manager - South West England
Pam Carpenter
Relationship Manager - Central England (East)
Jo Glazier
Relationship Development Co-ordinator
Grace Melsher
Member Services Co-ordinator
Felicity Turville
Relationship Development Co-ordinator
Laura Joy
Graphic Designer
Anna Porfirio
HR Co-ordinator
Claire Daniels
Thrive-Online Team leader
James Sheppard
Training Operations Team Leader
Jonny May
IT Support Co-ordinator
Chad Cookney
IT Projects Coordinator
Luke Johnson
Software Development Co-ordinator
Charlotte Cole
Member Services Co-ordinator
Simone Pedley
Relationship Development Co-ordinator
Jeannette Allen
Member Services Co-ordinator
Patricia Cornell
Training Co-ordinator
Kate Fonseca
E-induction Project Co-ordinator
Megan Frankling
Training Operations Assistant
Zena Cameron
Receptionist / Office Coordinator
Aimee Coles
Publications & Content Editor
Katy Tapp
Member Services Assistant
Mel Farleigh
User Support Co-ordinator
Jessica Foweraker
Relationship Development Team Leader
Emma Dufty
Finance Co-ordinator
Justina Ovens
Member Services Assistant (Maternity Cover)