Whole Staff Training 1/2 Day Top-Up (Childhood)

Additional top-up training for all the staff in your school, developing their knowledge of how to support the social and emotional development of all children.

1 session
Costs from: £897
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Course overview

This half-day top-up training session for all staff will further develop the whole-school approach to promoting emotional health and mental wellbeing. The training will:

  • provide a refresher to their understanding of the theory of the Thrive Approach and Thrive-Online
  • help them to better identify the needs underlying behaviours that interrupt learning
  • develop their self-awareness, helping them to stay calm when children are dysregulating
  • give them an understanding of the role of the adult in shaping children’s stress management systems
  • provide the opportunity to practice some basic Thrive skills, in particular the Vital Relational Functions (VRFs), PACE and ways to talk with and be with children to address emotional needs.

Suitable for

This course is intended for all staff in a primary school or setting embedding the Thrive Approach who have already completed the Whole School Staff Training course, to ensure that all children benefit from a whole-school approach to wellbeing and positive mental health.

Costs (excluding VAT):

  • £897 for up to 30 staff
  • £1,405 for 31-65 staff
  • £1,765 for 66-100 staff
  • £1,944 for 101-150 staff

Please note this course can only be booked through the office (Tel: 01392 797555 Option 1).

If you need to reschedule your course attendance because you have Covid or have to isolate, the first rearrangement is free, a subsequent rearrangement will incur an admin fee of £50 plus VAT and any further rescheduling will be charged at £100 plus VAT.


For settings that would like to commission a face-to-face training session, there is a flat rate charge of £300 per trainer per day (or part thereof) plus VAT.

Please note prices are for courses starting on or after 1 September 2021. 


Course content

The half-day top-up training session starts with a recap of the Thrive Approach, plus two additional one-hour sessions chosen from the following:

  1. Recognising and managing stress in children
  2. Keeping calm during the storms – self regulation for staff
  3. Making Thrive work in unstructured time e.g. play/meal times/trips (useful for support staff)
  4. Building more positive relationships with Parents and Carers
  5. Developing Whole School Approach – tips, checklists and the Thrive Evaluation Toolkit (useful for the SLT)
  6. Effective ways of communicating with children
  7. Activities to develop the Vital Relational Functions (VRFs)
  8. Talking to Children at Being, Doing and Thinking
  9. Looking at BEING in greater depth – Action plans and activities
  10. Looking at DOING in greater depth – Action plans and activities
  11. Looking at THINKING in greater depth – Action plans and activities
  12. Getting the most from Thrive-Online (strongly recommended for schools not using Thrive-Online routinely).

Where can I find upcoming Thrive training in my area?

All Thrive training is now delivered by our experienced Thrive trainers using a mix of live webinars, e-learning sessions and e-mentoring. On the Thrive training pages you can find dates for courses running throughout the year. We also have a team of regional Relationship Managers who are happy to help – meet the regional team here.

Can I complete Thrive training as an individual or do I need to be part of an organisation?

To become a Thrive Licensed Practitioner you will need to be working with children on a regular basis and be able to carry out Thrive-Online assessments to pass the course. We recommend volunteering at a school if this is not possible in your current role.

To talk through our training courses and to discuss funding options, contact our Relationship Development team on 01392 797555 or enquiries@thriveapproach.com

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