Thrive at Home for Adoptive Parents and Long-term Foster Carers

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Location Hillview Primary School, Hillview Road, Hucclecote, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL3 3LH
Duration 4 days

Thu 28th September 20179:30am - 2:30pm

Fri 29th September 20179:30am - 2:30pm

Thu 19th October 20179:30am - 2:30pm

Fri 20th October 20179:30am - 2:30pm

This course will help you gain a deeper understanding and teach you how to manage the special challenges, joys and difficulties presented by adopted and fostered children.

All children who are adopted or in foster care will have experienced some degree of trauma. Their unique and often painful early experiences are likely to have left them with unmet social and emotional needs. These needs can be expressed through behaviours that can challenge and confuse such as:

• presenting with high self-esteem one minute and then low self-worth the next

• demonstrating aggressive or angry behaviours whilst denying any responsibility

• showing affection to strangers but seeming unable to let you get close

• taking but giving little in return

• playing family members off against one another yet still desiring a secure family base

During the course you will learn:

• why adoption and long-term fostering is different from other parenting

• how children react and cope with separation, grief, anxiety and loss

• strategies and activities to address early developmental interruptions

• the importance of play and the creative arts in supporting a child’s emotional development

• how to develop and implement an individual action plan to support your child’s emotional needs and how to review their progress using Thrive-Online

• the importance of looking after yourself through the ups and downs of this special parenting.

Suitable for: Adoptive Parents and Foster Carers

Also included: The Thrive Approach for Adoptive Parents and Foster Carers booklet and free access to Thrive-Online for 90 days for up to 2 children.* Full attendance required for certification.

Please contact Thrive for more information or to request a course in your area on 01392 797555 Option 1

*Following your 90 day free trial, an annual subscription will need to be in place to access Thrive-Online. Please contact our subscriptions team on 01392 797550 for more information.

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