NEW Thrive Together (Childhood) - Modules 1 - 5 - Complete Package

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Duration 7.5 hours

Help your colleagues understand how the Thrive Approach can support the wellbeing of every child in your setting with our new Thrive Together package. This collection of films, animations and resources has been designed to introduce all staff in your setting to the Thrive Approach and support you in embedding Thrive across the setting to benefit all children.

Module 1: Understanding the Thrive Approach and its impact
FREE with your Thrive-Online subscription.

This module covers:
• The Thrive developmental model.
• How gaps and interruptions can occur and how Thrive can help ‘rebuild’/reshape/fill these.
• The importance of self-awareness and self-regulation.
• How behaviours are a communication of unmet need.

Module 2: How Thrive supports children’s brain development

This module covers:
• The VRFs and PACE.
• How the role of the adult changes at each stage of development.
• How the triune brain develops in relationships.
• How all relationships can support strengthening of the stress-regulation system.

Module 3: What children need to support their right-time social and emotional development

This module covers:
• The developmental strands of Power and Identity and Skills and Structure.
• The importance of a whole-setting approach.
• How all staff contribute to children’s right-time learning and development.
• How Thrive-Online can support staff with screening and creating action plans for whole classes at right-time.

Module 4: What happens when children’s needs are not met and how Thrive can help

This module covers:
• The fight/flight and freeze responses.
• How life’s ups and downs and the quality of early relationships can have an impact on children’s capacity to self-regulate.
• The role of the Licensed Practitioner in supporting children through reparative action plans.
• What happens in our brains and bodies when we ‘flip our lids’.
• Your role in supporting children when they are communicating a need.

Module 5: Embedding Thrive as a whole-school approach

This module covers:
• Possible changes that could be made to policies, procedures and practices, and what is needed to create an enabling environment.
• Developing an action plan for your setting.
• Using Thrive-Online and considering how to embed right-time learning into the curriculum.
• The role of positive relationships in developing a whole school ethos.

Suitable for: Those working with primary age groups.

Open to: Licensed Practitioners or attendees of The Thrive Approach for Senior Leaders (KS1, KS2), English and Welsh versions.

Please contact Thrive for more information on 01392 797 555 Option 1.

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