Adolescence Licensed Practitioner Refresher

Refresher training for lapsed Thrive Adolescence Licensed Practitioners looking to renew their Licensed status.

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Course overview

This refresher course will re-equip you with the essential skills needed to support the social and emotional development of all young people; helping them to develop healthy stress regulation systems, strengthen their emotional resilience and ultimately protect them from potential mental health difficulties.

The course looks at how the brain and body change during adolescence and the impact this can have on their behaviour. You will explore how to work alongside young people, how to scaffold their development and respond appropriately to their emotions, and importantly how you can reassure them that the changes they are going through are normal.

You will also review how Thrive-Online, our profiling and action-planning tool, can be used to identify the social and emotional needs of the young people you work with, showing how to identify the relevant strategies and action plans that will support their development.

Suitable for

This refresher training is ideal for any Thrive Licensed Practitioners working with secondary school aged children (11 to 18 years) who have let their license lapse.

A requisite of this training is that you will need to be an authorised user of Thrive-Online, our profiling, measuring and monitoring tool, with an active subscription.

Please call us to discuss your specific circumstances on 01392 797 555, or email


Course structure

The structure outlined below is for those with licences that have lapsed for at least two years, and should take between 10 to 12 weeks to complete:

  • E-learning Module 1 – 4 weeks of online learning covering self-reflection, a recap of the Thrive model of child developmental, brain and body development in adolescence, the importance of relationships and the opportunity to explore Thrive-Online
  • E-mentoring Session 1 – check-in with a trainer on the Friday of your 3rd week in Module 1
  • E-learning Module 2 – 6 weeks of online learning covering how Thrive developmental tasks are recycled during adolescence, supporting Thinking, reflecting on the obstacles to change and how to implement the Thrive Approach in your daily practice
  • E-mentoring Session 2 – check-in with a trainer on the Friday of your 4th week in Module 2

Course outcomes

Successful completion of this course leads to reinstatement of your Thrive Licensed Practitioner status. You will have reacquired the additional skills and knowledge to implement the Thrive Approach to benefit all your people (right-time), and be able to work with individual young people needing additional support (reparative).

To maintain your Licensed status you need to attend Thrive CPD courses and actively use Thrive-Online. The annual criteria is to gain 10 CPD points and profile/re-profile a minimum of three individuals.


Where can I find upcoming Thrive training in my area?

All Thrive training is now delivered by our experienced Thrive trainers using a mix of live webinars, e-learning sessions and e-mentoring. On the Thrive training pages you can find dates for courses running throughout the year. We also have a team of regional Relationship Managers who are happy to help – meet the regional team here.

Can I complete Thrive training as an individual or do I need to be part of an organisation?

To become a Thrive Licensed Practitioner you will need to be working with children on a regular basis and be able to carry out Thrive-Online assessments to pass the course. We recommend volunteering at a school if this is not possible in your current role.

To talk through our training courses and to discuss funding options, contact our Relationship Development team on 01392 797555 or

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