1825 Days: The amazing early years

New for 2021, this 2-hour webinar covers the first five years of a child’s development, exploring how our brains learn through play, the relationships that a child has with the adults around them and how to optimise the experiences of babies and very young children.

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Course overview

The first five years of life can lay such important foundations for the rest of childhood and beyond. Would you like to know more about how our brains learn through play? What are the right types of relationship and adult support needed? What equipment and environment best supports the child’s curiosity and love of life? This workshop will help you understand how to provide the optimal experiences for our youngest children.

In Thrive we talk about returning to our early strands to support children who have interruptions. What if we work with children from birth to five with these strands at the Right Time? How can we make sure that the environment and relational stance is securing the best outcomes for secure social and emotional development at Being, Doing, Thinking and Power and Identity? What are typical behaviours at each strand and how can we equip the adults to be ready and have the understanding to offer the right types of support at the right time.

This two-hour webinar will develop licensed practitioners’ capacity to understand the development needs of our youngest children. Helping to understand the How To Be Strategies and the What To Do Activities to support children to develop their social and emotional learning securely. Providing useful advice and guidance to deepen understanding of these vital 1825 days.

Suitable for

This CPD webinar is ideal for Thrive Licensed Practitioners working with our youngest children, as a childminder or in a nursery, pre-school or early years foundation stage.

This two-hour webinar is worth 5 CPD points.

For settings that would like to commission a face-to-face training session, there is a flat rate charge of £300 per trainer per day (or part thereof) plus VAT.

Please note prices are for courses running from 1 September 2022. 


Course content

This 2-hour webinar will give you:

  • an understanding of meeting children’s needs at the early strands as a Right Time support
  • an understanding of how what relational stance is supportive ad how this changes through the strands
  • a range of new activities, resources and techniques to draw on
  • a greater awareness of your own needs and resources.

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