Creating safety in relationships. This 2-hour webinar will help develop how you use the Relate-Rupture-Repair cycle to strengthen the connection with the children and young people you work with.

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Course overview

Would you like to strengthen your relationships with the children and young people you support? Want to know more about the relate–rupture–repair cycle and how this develops resilience? Are you interested in practising your relational skills so you can manage ruptures better?

Body: As Thrive practitioners we understand that distressed behaviour is a communication of unmet need. This understanding enables us to respond to the need by regulating and containing the emotion, rather than reacting to the behaviour. In turn, this helps the child to develop healthier ways of managing stress. Equally important to our ability to attune to the child’s needs, is being able to recognise ruptures in our relationship with a child and to repair them. Such ruptures are an inevitable part of relating and, provided we can repair them, help foster the child’s resilience. This is because the repeated experience of ruptures being repaired gives the child a sense of trust and safety that even when things go wrong in the relationship, they can be put right.

In this 2-hour webinar, we will explore the Relate–Rupture–Repair cycle, looking at each of the different phases and considering how movement through the cycle helps to strengthen our relationships. In addition, we will revisit the VRFs and PACE, exploring how these relational skills can help us to repair ruptures by practising the skills in an everyday scenario. Finally, we will explore the implications of this for our work with children and young people.

Suitable for

This CPD webinar is ideal for all Thrive Licensed Practitioners wishing to further develop their use of the Relate-Rupture-Repair cycle to strengthen the connection they have with the children and young people they work with.

This 2-hour webinar is worth 5 CPD points.

For settings that would like to commission a face-to-face training session, there is a flat rate charge of £300 per trainer per day (or part thereof) plus VAT.

Please note prices are for courses running from 1 September 2022. 


Course content

This 2-hour webinar will give you:

  • a deeper insight into the Relate–Rupture–Repair cycle
  • an opportunity to experience the different phases of relate, rupture and repair
  • practice in using relational skills to repair ruptures when they arise.

Where can I find upcoming Thrive training in my area?

All Thrive training is now delivered by our experienced Thrive trainers using a mix of live webinars, e-learning sessions and e-mentoring. On the Thrive training pages you can find dates for courses running throughout the year. We also have a team of regional Relationship Managers who are happy to help – meet the regional team here.

Can I complete Thrive training as an individual or do I need to be part of an organisation?

To become a Thrive Licensed Practitioner you will need to be working with children on a regular basis and be able to carry out Thrive-Online assessments to pass the course. We recommend volunteering at a school if this is not possible in your current role.

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