Forging New Connections

How do arts and creativity connect to neuroscience and learning?Forging new connections poster

To find out, join us at our conferences ‘Forging New Connections’ for keynote speeches from leading child psychotherapist, Margot Sunderland, together with a selection of innovative and creative workshops.

Both conferences provide an exciting opportunity to explore how scientific theory translates into everyday practice. Learn about the latest research into brain growth and plasticity. Explore how neuroscience and creativity can be harnessed to support learning.

Share your experiences and discoveries with like-minded professionals, taking away practical strategies drawn from Thrive’s experience of putting theory into practice with more than 250,000 young people across the UK.

Each conference is open to staff working in education, health and social care. For Thrive licensed professionals who attend, CPD points will be awarded.

Author: Laura Joy (14th June 2016)