New whole-school induction package for primary settings

We are delighted to launch a brand-new induction package for primary settings looking to take a whole-school approach to embedding Thrive. Thrive Together has been designed to equip Thrive leads with everything they need to inspire their colleagues with how the Thrive Approach can create happier, calmer children that are better engaged with learning.


Embrace a whole-school approach to Thrive

The five modules that make up the induction package aim to engage all staff with Thrive and show them how the Approach supports the optimal social and emotional development of every child, with no one slipping through the net. Each module contains short animations or live-action films along with session plans, training resources and handouts – click here to watch the trailer!

Thrive Together will help all staff understand how to be and what to do in response to children’s differing and sometimes challenging behaviour. It will support practitioners and senior leaders in communicating the basic principles of Thrive, including the underpinning theories and neuroscience, and will explain what staff need to do in practical terms to embed Thrive in their practice.

Module one of the training will be included in the Thrive-Online subscription package for 2019/20. Existing Thrive primary settings will receive their free module at the point of renewal, whereas new schools will receive module one once a Thrive-Online subscription is in place.

After completing the five modules, all staff will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and language they need to start embracing Thrive as a whole-school approach, ensuring every child has the opportunity to benefit.


To find out more about Thrive Together, click here. To purchase modules for your setting, please call our Relationship Development team on 01392 797 555 or email