Thrive celebrates the Duchess of Cambridge's new Centre for Early Childhood

7th July 2021| Blogs

Early childhood not only impacts our future physical abilities, but helps to build the foundations for our health, wellbeing and happiness. By raising awareness of the importance of the early years, the Centre for Early Childhood hopes to transform our society and build a more nurturing world.

The Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge says the Centre for Early Childhood will focus on three key areas in the coming years:

  • promoting and commissioning high-quality research to increase knowledge and share best practice;
  • working with people from across the private, public and voluntary sectors to collaborate on new solutions; and
  • developing creative campaigns to raise awareness and inspire action, driving real, positive change on the early years.

The Centre's inaugural report, Big Change Starts Small, includes the findings of a study on public attitudes to the early years, published by The Royal Foundation with Ipsos MORI in 2020. The research found that fewer than a quarter of respondents saw the first five years as the most important period in a child's life for later health and happiness. Plus, nearly two-thirds of respondents were not aware of the incredible brain development that takes place in this period.

The study revealed that knowledge of the importance of the early years in the UK is low, yet it is one of the best investments we can make for the future wellbeing of our society.

At Thrive, we welcome the launch of the Centre for Early Childhood and the opportunity it offers adults to gain better knowledge and understanding of the early years, as well as the improved life chances it will give to future generations.

We understand that the early years of a child's life is a time of rapid brain development, which means it is also the optimal time to provide babies, toddlers and young children with the relational experiences they need to build healthy stress-regulation systems. This is crucial in developing resilient, happy adults, and helping prevent the causes of mental health issues later in life.

Thrive offers a range of courses for practitioners and senior leaders working in early years settings, including Thrive Licensed Practitioner training and a new Building Emotional Health in Early Years course.

Based on established neuroscience, attachment theory and child development, the Thrive Approach is a dynamic way of working with babies and young children that helps them to develop healthy, secure attachments and provides the foundations needed for emotional resilience, healthy stress regulation and learning.

The Centre for Early Childhood is a hugely positive step forward in shining a light on the importance of the early years, and with a mission that ties in perfectly with the Thrive Approach, we hope to collaborate with the Centre in the future.

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