Ten instant stress-relievers (that no one will notice you using)

5th May 2023 | Blogs

Key stress inducers

Faced with overwhelming workloads, a lack of work-life balance and limited resources, many educators are at breaking point. Rates of work-related stress, depression and anxiety are on the rise and teachers are in desperate need of more support. This sums up the sentiment of a survey conducted by the NASUWT last year, unveiling that 91% of teachers felt their job had adversely affected their mental health in the last 12 months. Can you relate?


Subtle coping strategies

In 'Ten instant stress-relievers (that no one will notice you using)', Head of Product and Innovation at Thrive, Viv Trask-Hall, demonstrates discreet, go-to strategies proven to instantly reduce your stress levels.


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Ten instant stress-relievers (that no one will notice you using)

Your key takeaways

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  • An understanding of the stress regulation system and how it impacts on your day
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  • Knowledge of how to recognise when it's time to take action
  • 10 subtle, proven, go-to strategies for in the classroom, the staff room or at the school gate


Good to know

"Ten instant stress-relievers" is:

  • Ideal for anyone working with young people in an educational setting
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