Thrive subscription offer

Join over 2,000 schools across the UK already using Thrive. With all students returning to school after such a disrupted year, this starter subscription is relevant now more than ever.

Reduce anxiety, identify issues early, avoid exclusions and maximise readiness for learning. This package includes the training and resources you need to start making a difference straight away.

Thrive is eligible for Covid-19 catch-up and accelerated learning funding, and all training is delivered virtually in interactive online sessions.

Thrive subscription from £2,536* per year, including:

  • The Thrive Approach for Senior Leaders course: providing insights and a strategic overview for one member of your senior team.
  • Licensed Practitioner training: providing a deeper, practical knowledge to meet reparative needs for up to two members of your student support team, plus their first year's CPD.
  • All staff Thrive induction training: introducing all staff to the foundations of Thrive, some simple strategies and an overview of Thrive-Online.
  • Thrive-Online: a web-based software package for profiling, action-planning and progress monitoring for groups and individuals.
  • Thrive Member's Web Portal: with access to additional resources for maintaining your Licence plus activity sheets for parents.
  • Support from your local Relationship Manager and Member Services team: helping you get the most from your subscription with Thrive and use of Thrive-Online, plus regional network meetings.

To take advantage of this Thrive subscription offer, please fill out the form below or call us now on 01392 797 555 - option 1.

Price shown is for 2021/22 and excludes VAT. The actual price will depend on school size (number of students on roll). Initial 2-year commitment required.

Promote mental wellbeing and learning...

... and help to prevent poor mental health becoming an issue for the children and young people you work with.

As a leading provider of tools and training that promote wellbeing and help to prevent mental health issues, Thrive is already working with professionals and parents to support nearly 500,000 children and young people across the UK. Students can be supported in school and in the home. They become more open to learning as they discover how to manage themselves, behaviour improves and attendance increases.

Start your Thrive journey today - and take advantage of Covid-19 catch-up funding or accelerated learning funding to invest in the Thrive Approach to make a difference.

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Benefits for schools and settings:

  • Whole-school approach to student wellbeing and mental health.
  • Calmer classrooms.
  • Happier staff and improved staff retention.
  • Improved student attendance and achievement.
  • Reduced student absences and exclusions.
  • Access to Thrive-Online for profiling, monitoring and measuring progress to show the impact of Thrive.

Benefits for staff:

  • Recognised Thrive Approach training.
  • Improved job security and career progression opportunities.
  • More confidence in dealing with challenging and disruptive behaviour.
  • New approach to relationship building that does not increase your workload.
  • Access to Thrive-Online’s bank of targeted strategies and activities easily incorporated in your day-to-day curriculum.


Underpinning the Thrive Approach, is our web-based screening, assessment and action-planning tool for groups and individuals. Thrive-Online identifies need, suggests targeted strategies and activities and creates an action plan. It monitors and measures progress over time, helping you to identify the need for support without additional workload.

Thrive Training

From introductory sessions to evolving and embedding the Thrive Approach, training is led by highly experienced Thrive trainers. Courses include all staff inductions, specialist Licensed Practitioner, strategic senior leader and ongoing courses for continuing professional development.

Thrive Subscription

Thrive subscription includes senior leader and Licensed Practitioner training, all staff induction training and an annual subscription to Thrive-Online for your first two years, plus the ongoing support of a regional team of Relationship Managers and Member Services and access to a host of resources through our member portal.

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* Subscription Terms & Conditions:

  • The prices quoted are for the first two years to establish a whole-setting approach to wellbeing for all students.
  • The primary setting annual price for 2021/22 (exc. VAT) depends on the number of students on roll, as recorded by DfE:

Small (<200): £2,536       Medium Small (201-300): £2,846       Medium Large (301-400): £3,053        Large (401-600): £3,571        X Large (601+): £4,088

  • The secondary setting annual price for 2021/22 (exc. VAT) is determined by year group numbers, typically for Year 7:

Small (<200): £2,717       Medium (<400): £3,483          Additional subscription volume can be purchased in blocks of 200 or 400

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