Supporting Education Offer*

Thrive is delighted to make this exclusive offer* giving your setting the opportunity to use the Thrive Approach for pupil wellbeing and mental health prevention through the current Covid-19 pandemic. Thrive is eligible for Covid catch-up funding providing you can demonstrate the use of Thrive to meet the criteria.

Introductory Offer*

  • The Thrive Approach for Senior Leaders course, providing insights and a strategic overview, at a promotional price of £425 per person (exc. VAT)
  • Thrive-Online web-based software package - FREE 30-day trial
  • Thrive Together induction training materials to share with your team - Module 1 FREE

To take advantage of this offer*, please quote 'SE20' and the name of the company referring you to Thrive in the Additional Information field when booking online or over the phone.

Partner companies: Best Practice Network, Fleet Tutors, Judicium Education, Protocol Education, School Business Services and Teaching Personnel.

*Offer available to customers of Thrive partner companies for The Thrive Approach for Senior Leaders course held in the Autumn 2020 term. Customers must be new to Thrive and are eligible for up to 2 places per setting.

Start your Thrive journey by joining a FREE Awareness webinar:


Underpinning the Thrive Approach, is our screening, assessment and action-planning tool for groups and individuals. Thrive-Online identifies need, suggests targeted strategies and activities, creates an action plan, charts progress and measures progress.

Thrive Training

From introductory sessions to evolving and embedding the Thrive Approach, training is led by highly experienced Thrive trainers. Courses include all staff inductions, specialist Licensed Practitioner, strategic senior leader and ongoing courses for continuing professional development.

Thrive Membership

The Thrive membership package includes senior leader and Licensed Practitioner training, annual subscription to Thrive-Online and the ongoing support of a regional team of Relationship Managers.

Promote mental wellbeing and learning

and reduce the impact of lockdown on the children and young people you work with.

As a leading provider of tools and training that promote wellbeing and help to prevent mental health issues, Thrive is already working with professionals and parents to support nearly 500,000 children and young people across the UK.

Start your Thrive journey today, and take advantage of our introductory offer* and the Covid-19 catch-up funding.

Based on established neuroscience, attachment theory and child development, Thrive has been developed over the past 25 years to offer a powerful way of working with all children and young people to support their social and emotional development. By providing your staff with the insights and relational skills to develop positive, supportive relationships, your learners will feel safe and more open to learning.

The beauty of the Thrive Approach is that it offers both a right-time and a reparative way of supporting wellbeing for all the children and young people in a setting. It is structured so that all staff can easily incorporate the Approach in their day-to-day dealings with students, while simultaneously enabling key staff to support students with additional needs.

  • Thrive-Online is a web-based mapping, monitoring and progress measuring tool. It provides the opportunity to take a strategic overview by base-lining the social and emotional development of groups, classes or year groups. It will highlight students requiring additional support to enable them to engage with learning.
  • High quality interactive Thrive training provides staff with the understanding of what healthy child development looks like in terms of behaviour and learning, enabling staff to recognise what behaviour may be communicating.
  • Ongoing support and guidance is provided by our team of Relationship Managers based across the UK. They check-in with settings, ensuring you get the most out of all aspects of Thrive and arrange regional network meetings to share best practice.

The Thrive Approach for Senior Leaders courses are being run with four 3-hour live webinars.

  • The Childhood course, including the Welsh curriculum version, covers Key Stages 1 and 2 for primary settings and includes:
    • Strategically using Thrive underpinning theory to the benefit of all pupils.
    • Supporting all staff to understand and use PACE, the Vital Relational Functions and Thrive-Online.
    • Understanding how to develop emotional and social skills for pupils aged 3-7 and for those aged 7-11.
    • Embedding Thrive across your setting and exploring different models of implementation.
  • The Adolescence course covers Key Stages 3 to 5 for secondary settings and includes:
    • Strategically getting started with Thrive, enabling discovery and sharing insight.
    • Supporting all staff to understand rupture and repair in relationships and use PACE, the Vital Relational Functions and Thrive-Online.
    • Understanding the world of adolescents.
    • Being the source of real change - embedding Thrive across your setting and exploring models of implementation.
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