Dr Suzanne Zeedyk: Thrive Conference Keynote

Suzanne Zeedyk
Our Forging New Connections conferences will be taking place this summer across the UK. We are delighted to be welcoming Dr Suzanne Zeedyk to deliver her Keynote speech, Making up is more important than messing up, in Brighton, Newmarket, and Pontypridd.

Suzanne Zeedyk will be speaking on the following:

As human beings, we often suffer from a fear of getting things ‘wrong’, messing up, making mistakes. We strive for perfection, wanting to be a model colleague, the best practitioner, the perfect parent. And nowhere is this truer than in our relationships: we so desperately want to get it right for ourselves and those we care about. And yet, the reality is that relationships are a messy business where mistakes are inevitable.

The good news is that research shows that in any relationship the ‘mistakes’ – the moments of disconnection – matter far less than how and whether we can find our way back into connection with one another. In fact, when skilfully done, such repairs to the relationship actually serve to strengthen the bonds of the attachment. It is repairs that build trust.

In her keynote address, Dr Suzanne Zeedyk will be exploring the nature of this Rupture–Repair Cycle in detail, looking at what the cycle is, how it operates, the barriers to repair and practical ways to overcome them. She will be asking challenging questions that lead us to enquire about our own relationship to rupture and repair, prompting insights that enhance both our personal and professional relationships. She will conclude with a message of hope: it does not matter how many times we get it wrong; what matters is our willingness to show up and connect.

Dads Try the Still Face Experiment

The Rupture–Repair Cycle that Suzanne Zeedyk will be exploring is demonstrated perfectly in the following video. It certainly reinforces the concepts within the Thrive Approach regarding those important connections made in early childhood which solidify trust.

Conference tickets

Whether you are a Thrive Practitioner or not, there are tickets available to attend Suzanne Zeedyk’s Keynote speech.

Click below for full conference tickets, for Thrive Practitioners only:

Brighton: https://mythrive.uk/2hDd9OS

Newmarket: https://mythrive.uk/2AgapSC

Wales: https://mythrive.uk/2zQnjq5

If you are not yet trained, you can purchase Keynote Only tickets – these will entitle you to attend Suzanne’s talk, network with others interested in and working with the Thrive Approach, and a buffet lunch and refreshments.

Keynote Only Brighton: https://mythrive.uk/2soL1ar

Keynote Only Newmarket: https://mythrive.uk/2EA56zn

Keynote Only Wales: https://mythrive.uk/2svH2Jl

We are expecting all tickets to sell out well before the event so make sure to book soon to avoid missing out on what is set to be a wonderful day!

If you’d like to find out more before making a booking, you’re always welcome to call us on 01392 797555 or contact us through any of our social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To find out more about Suzanne and her work, click here to visit her website.