Become a Thrive Trainer

If you’re a skilled and experienced Thrive Licensed Practitioner or Course Leader and are passionate about spreading the word of Thrive, why not become a Thrive Trainer?

Our intensive and rewarding training will equip you with the skills needed to deliver Thrive Approach courses and enable others to work more effectively with children and young people.

What does it take to be a Thrive Trainer?

This training is not like any other training you will have experienced: do not expect to be instructed from the front!

Becoming a Thrive Trainer means that your whole approach to sharing knowledge will be transformed. You will develop a dynamic and experiential approach that internalises Thrive and absorbs both your trainees and you as the trainer. This training is extremely rewarding while also being an intense and emotionally challenging experience.

The course is designed to further extend your knowledge and understanding of Thrive, as well as develop your skills as a trainer. In the training you will consolidate your existing knowledge of Thrive, delve deeper into the underpinning theory of the Approach, hone your training skills, and put those skills into practice in the field.

Combining e-learning modules, face-to-face training, and opportunities to practise your new-found training techniques, the Train-the-Trainer course will deliver:

The skills needed to enable other adults to support the social and emotional development of all children and young people.

An understanding of how to support settings roll-out Thrive as a whole-school approach, including the role of Thrive-Online.

The potential to train colleagues from your setting as well as staff from external organisations.

The confidence to facilitate transformational learning to groups of adults.

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