Ben’s story

Ben case study

The following childhood case study, with names changed, has been kindly provided by a teacher in East Sussex.

“Ben used to have incredibly low self-esteem, and act in a very childish way. He was in a social skills group but made no progress, often running out to sit outside the room and peer in at the window. If he managed to stay in he would tear around the room making noises and acting the clown in front of the other members of the group. Once a week he also had 1:1 maths and a literacy intervention where he was resistant, defiant, sulky and controlling. No progress was made over a year.

“Within a month of starting Thrive in year 5, members of staff started to notice a difference. Ben was beginning to appear less agitated and more settled in class. I met with his mum regularly and she felt his behaviour at home had improved. He had fewer temper tantrums and was much happier to come to school.

“Ben is now in Year 6 and still receiving Thrive input. He has greater self esteem, holds his head up around school, and happily shows other teachers his work. His levels are on track. He is more able to manage change and knows to seek me out if he is unsettled. We still have times where he disregulates, but now we know how to help him. He was our first success story.”