Thrive at the ACE Aware Nation Conference

ACE AwareWe are proud to be a gold sponsor at this year’s event in Scotland on 25th and 26th September, starring Nadine Burke Harris and Suzanne Zeedyk.

More and more of us are beginning to understand the toxicity of childhood stress on adult health and wellbeing. The conference draws together leaders in the fields of education, science and psychology to discuss the latest research on adverse childhood experiences and how we can make positive changes within our settings to provide better outcomes for all children.

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Thrive and ACEs

Thrive draws from a number of fields including neuroscience, attachment theory and child development to help adults better understand, and appropriately respond to, children’s individual social and emotional needs so that they can become more resilient, self-assured, capable and adaptable.

Of course, many children have gone through adverse childhood experiences or other significant events, such as the birth of a new sibling or moving home, that will have had a profound impact.

Where earlier developmental stages have been ‘interrupted’, through life events or adverse experiences, screening on the Thrive-Online assessment tool will indicate where one-to-one support is needed. Thrive-Online and Thrive Practitioner training provide the tools and techniques to help catch up on the essential learning the child needs for health, well-being and success in adult life.

Thrive is non-pathologising for children and non-stigmatising for families. As such, Thrive does not ask what trauma a child has gone through. Rather, we ask: what do they need now? How can we work with them in the present to support their development going forward? Only then can we truly make active and positive changes that will maximise their opportunities in adulthood.

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