The Thrive Approach YouTube Channel

The Thrive Approach YouTube channel offers a simple way to access video resources which sit perfectly alongside our philosophy and training material.

Whether you’re a parent interested in targeted education resources, a Practitioner hoping to access video content that complements our Approach, or a Trainer looking for appropriate material to distribute – The Thrive Approach YouTube channel can be your first port of call.

thrive approach youtube channelA great place to start would be our Academic Resources playlist. Here, you can find an ever-developing library of resources that we use to support our training programs, inform research projects, and provide a wider understanding of topics relevant to you. Click here to start watching.

Otherwise, please take a look around our other playlists here. From the best of TED’s education resources to further insights into the adolescent brain, there’s plenty of video content to support you in your setting.

We’d also love to find out which videos you have found helpful. Have you used certain videos in your classroom to enhance your teaching? Or perhaps you’ve found academic content which provides insight into supporting childhood trauma? Email your suggestions to