Thrive Conference Seminars: Exeter, Coventry, Barnsley

Jane Evans will be returning to the Forging New Connections Thrive conference for 2018 and we’re thrilled to have her back! After Jane’s Keynote address, you will be able to attend one of three seminars constructed to support your Thrive practice.


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Understanding the Freeze Response
This seminar will give you the opportunity to update your knowledge of the neuroscience that underpins the Thrive Approach. You will gain new insights into the nature of the stress response and how the brain and body respond to trauma.

You will learn about innovative new approaches to healing trauma, as well as what you, as a practitioner, can do to further support a trauma-sensitive approach to working with children and young people.

thrive conferenceHard and Soft Fascination: The rise of technology and the importance of nature

In this seminar, you will learn about the differences between hard and soft fascination, as well as what neuroscience can tell us about their respective effects on the body and brain.

You will explore some of the costs of our increasing use of technology, deepen your awareness of the importance of working in nature with children and young people, and discover some practical ways to use nature in your work

thrive conference

Engaging Families
This seminar will explore how you can work with parents and families to develop a shared understanding of Thrive and form an approach to their children’s development that is informed by recent insights from neuroscience and attachment theory.

It will illustrate how to improve home–school relationships by engaging from a position of compassion, as well as how to empower parents with an understanding of how the brain works.

Places on each Thrive conference seminar are allocated on a first come first served basis, so remember to book well ahead to attend your desired session. The seminars are designed to refresh your knowledge and understanding of Thrive and give you an insight into our most recent and exciting training topics.

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