Thrive Conference Seminars: Newmarket, Brighton, Wales

We’re thrilled to be welcoming Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk to our Forging New Connections Thrive Conference in Newmarket, Brighton, and Wales. After her Keynote speech, you will have the opportunity to join one of three seminars carefully put together to support your Thrive practice.

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Softening the prickles
Self-awareness and the capacity to stay regulated in the face of adversity are vital skills. This seminar will explore psychological defences, how they develop, and why we use them. This will then be applied to adult-child relationships to enable you to further support children in your setting, whilst remaining your best self.

You will come away from the workshop with:

• deeper knowledge of psychological defences and how they relate to interrupted development

• greater empathy for and understanding of your own defences and those of others

• ways of supporting yourself to stay centred in the face of difficulty

• practice in how to overcome the defences of others through constructive ways of relating.

The Power of authenticity

thrive conference

This seminar will deepen your understanding of the Vital Relational Functions (VRFs), with a view to equip you with an even stronger toolkit to take back to your setting. There will be a focus on dysregulation, helping you to adapt your skills from person to person and heal ruptures in relationships.

You will come away from the workshop with:

• a deeper understanding of the VRFs

• practical experience of using the VRFs in action

• examples of how to share the VRFs with colleagues

• knowledge of how to use the power of relationship to greater effect in both your setting and your life.

thrive conference

Developmental play (will not be available in Newmarket)

This workshop will revise the Thrive developmental strands and help you to identify creative activities to use with children at these different stages. You will also work in groups to develop your own activities to take back to your setting.

You will come away from the workshop with:

• enhanced knowledge of the Thrive developmental strands

• practice in working with new strategies and activities

• experience of developing and sharing new creative activities targeted at particular developmental strands.

Places on each Thrive conference seminar are allocated on a first come first served basis, so remember to book well ahead to attend your desired session. The seminars are designed to refresh your knowledge and understanding of Thrive and give you an insight into our most recent and exciting training topics.

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