Thrive conferences look into the impact of emotions in supporting children and young people

This year’s Forging New Connections conferences from Thrive takes a good look at some of the emotional challenges professionals face when working with children and young people.

The conferences will inform you of the latest developments in neuroscience to enable you to understand the body-brain connection and give practical tools to help you regulate your emotions and cascade this learning to other people you work with and the children you support.

Trauma, parenting and anxiety expert, Jane Evans, will be sharing her expertise as keynote speaker at the conferences. With experience as a foster carer and in a range of Early Years’ settings, Jane has hosted Channel 5’s “My Violent Child”, been a TEDx speaker on Childhood anxiety and is author of a range of best-selling books about supporting children to overcome anxiety.

Diana Dewing, Thrive’s Managing Director commented:

“We are delighted to announce Jane Evans as keynote speaker to Thrive’s Forging New Connections conferences in May and June this year. Jane provides an authoritative voice on compassion fatigue and childhood trauma and anxiety. Anxiety is an issue that is affecting more and more children every year – and not just those who have faced traumatic circumstances. Challenges that cause anxiety can be missed by parents, carers and professionals if they are not ‘switched on’ to the signs. Thrive conferences are designed to give professionals who work with young people some practical training and professional development to help improve the way they support, teach, and guide young people. They also provide an opportunity to develop particular Thrive training topics.”

The Commons Education Select Committee report published 22nd February 2017 shows one of the six key findings into the current teacher retention crisis is the lack of value and time given to Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Thrive CPD training helps to give your staff recognition, support and encouragement, by providing greater skills and knowledge of emotional and social development that can make their job easier.

Thrive’s forthcoming Forging New Connections conferences will be held this May and June. Attendance at the conferences is worth 10 CPD points.

Thrive’s Forging New Connections conferences take place: 

East of England: Newmarket, Suffolk, Wednesday 24th May

South West: Newport, Wales, Wednesday 14th June 

South: Brighton, East Sussex, Wednesday 21st June