Thrive says Hello Yellow for World Mental Health Day

The 10th October is World Mental Health Day and are encouraging everyone to say !

We’ll be dressing in yellow at Thrive HQ and we’d love for you to invite everyone in your setting to do the same.

We want to show children and young people that they are not alone.

Roughly three children in every classroom are experiencing a mental health disorder; we cannot ignore the amount of support that every child needs as they move through each developmental stage.

A BBC article has revealed that child mental health referrals are up 26% in the last five years, with one in four referrals either rejected or deemed inappropriate for treatment. The piece continues to reveal a case study from one young person who has had to face the inadequacies of the system as it stands.

Accessing Camhs was a huge problem for George Hodgson. After an initial assessment where he explained his severe anxiety and panic attacks, he was told that he would not be seen again for 40 weeks. This led him to seek help privately, claiming that if that had not been an option he may not be alive today. (Click here to read the full article).

This isn’t rare. Mental health services are over-stretched, meaning that George’s case does not sit in isolation. He was able to seek further help but this is clearly not an option for most people.

What can we do?

From staff rooms and classrooms to offices and homes, World Mental Health Day encourages people to have conversations about mental health. Having these important discussions and raising awareness truly helps children and young people who are suffering or burdened by mental health issues.

Wear yellow for World Mental Health Day and start the conversation in your setting. If you do take part, please post your photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and tag us – we’d love to see how you’re saying Hello Yellow.

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