A Brand New Thrive School

thrive schoolCongratulations to Barwic Parade as we welcome a brand new Thrive school into the family this afternoon.

What we hope to achieve is to support the dedication and commitment of the staff at Barwic Parade, they have undertaken training for the whole Thrive school and also have trained four specialists.  One of these is headteacher.

We are delighted that the school have come on board and congratulate Barwic Parade for all the work needed to embrace the Thrive Approach. What this means for parents is that they can be confident that the staff at Barwic Parade are committed to ensuring that their children are even more learning ready, so that they are resilient with their learning, achieve well and enjoy school.

Thrive helps children and young people to concentrate, get interested, make friends, stay with an activity… the list is almost endless.

Parents can find out more by asking the Thrive school or visiting our website. They can also ask about activities that they can do at home to help. The suggestions are simple, practical and easy to put in to action.

We are training practitioners of the Thrive Approach all over the UK and will be running more courses in the area at the moment.