Thrive Space Room

This month, one of our Thrive trainers, Fiona Jarman has been in touch to tell us all about a new space themed Thrive room in Banbury. 

William Morris Primary in Banbury is a small school with a big heart for the emotional well-being of the children and their community. The school’s vision is “Dare to dream; believe and achieve” and this is reflected in the design of its curriculum and in the Thrive room in particular.

The school, which serves a large housing estate, joined the GLF multi-academy trust last year. The ambition for GLF primary schools is that they will all have Thrive Practitioners and the senior leadership at William Morris are passionate supporters of the Thrive Approach. 

The Deputy Headteacher and two other members of staff are currently training to become Practitioners and one of their first decisions was to create an inspiring Thrive room. Jo Brice, who is leading on introducing Thrive throughout the school, has invested much of her (and her husband’s!) time and energy in creating an exciting and adventurous space-themed room.

The theme has allowed for a safe hiding place inside the pop-up rocket tent and comfortable “moon rock” cushions with beanbags and lava lamps to help create calm moments. However, it also allows for a huge variety of sensory exploration on the star covered table and who wouldn’t want to talk to an alien Captain Thinking.

The children love their new room and the school is already seeing an impact for their most vulnerable children.

Fiona Jarman
Thrive Trainer / GLF Behaviour Support Lead

If you’ve got a fantastic Thrive space you’d like to see featured in a future newsletter, then please do let us know. We’re always delighted to hear about how you embrace the Thrive Approach in your school, whether you’re brand new to Thrive or have been embedding the Approach for years.