Thrive survey update

Last year, we commissioned a survey of Thrive® practitioners in primary schools. We wanted to find out how Thrive is being used and to understand what the impact of the Approach has been. Almost 500 responses were received, representing 22 per cent of the schools we work with. This gave us plenty of data to work with to build a detailed picture of how Thrive influences teaching practices and outcomes.

Key findings from the research included:

  • More than three quarters of participants in The Thrive Approach said they will change their teaching style as a result of their training.
  • Nine out of ten respondents said that they have regular Thrive resources and time scheduled with 71 per cent reporting that they have a dedicated Thrive room. Other resources used for Thrive activities included: a garden or outdoor space; sensory play; puppets, dolls and soft toys; animals; books, posters and board games.
  • A total of 79 per cent of respondents said they used the strategies and activities of Thrive Online at least once a week. Nineteen per cent said that they used Thrive strategies in all or most of their lessons, with a further 37 per cent saying that they use Thrive in some lessons.
  • In terms of motivation for adopting Thrive, 77 per cent said that their main goal was to improve their approach to pupils’ social and emotional wellbeing. When it came to senior leaders, 71 per cent agreed that the social and emotional wellbeing of vulnerable children is supported through Thrive.
  • As a result of making these changes, 31 per cent of respondents said children were more engaged with learning, with 23 per cent reporting less classroom disruptions and 21 per cent finding that children were calmer and more relaxed.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey – your time and input is much appreciated. Over the coming months we will be taking a detailed look at individual comments to try and incorporate as many of the suggestions as possible so that we can ensure that our courses and processes are as relevant and helpful as possible to our members.

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Thrive Users Evaluation Survey