The value of vocational subjects for young people

A compelling argument for vocational education

In an anonymous article for The Guardian, one teacher writes about their experiences teaching vocational subjects to young people in a secondary school.

There is not a blueprint for every child; different subjects and ways of learning lend themselves to different people. As a result, vocational subjects can be encouraged as an alternative to traditional academic subjects. It doesn’t have to be one or the other either. Different sorts of subjects taught side-by-side can have the potential to help young people’s development significantly.

Frequently, there are discussions about “soft options” vs “real subjects.” This teacher argues that this shouldn’t be the case, supporting the position with almost a decade of experience working in early years.

The idea that young people may be starved of creative encouragement is considered worrying among many teachers.

Continuing to shrug off derogatory comments, The Guardian’s “secret teacher” believes in the worth of vocational education; read more about the contentious issue here.