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Every child needs to feel valued, involved and appreciated.

We know more now than ever before about what helps to develop healthy curious minds and happy, confident and creative children.

If children have been emotionally thrown off track, either temporarily or over longer periods, Thrive helps us understand the needs being signalled by their behaviour and gives us targeted strategies and activities to help them re-engage.

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Thrive-Online has been developed to help us better understand children’s behaviour and what it signals about their emotional development.

Through online tools, training and mentoring, we support you in learning about the emotional and social development relevant to a child’s age. We also help you to understand a child’s challenging or troubling behaviour as communication.

Every child gets a personal plan; you get simple, practical ideas about how to be and what to do to implement the plan, and you can easily monitor the results.

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A short film demonstrating Thrive working as a whole school approach

Whether you are a professional, parent or carer, the Thrive Approach can show you what to do, and how to be, with young people.

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Teachers and Schools

The suggestions are simple, practical and easy to put into action in ordinary classrooms and across school provision.

Parents and carers

You can help children and young people to concentrate, get interested, make friends, stay with an activity… the list is almost endless.

Adopters and foster carers

The Thrive Approach uses neuroscience to help understand the impact early experiences have on the brain.

Social care

Thrive-Online gives you a tried and tested way of identifying a child's developmental needs.

Health care

You will find the Thrive-Online assessment tool helpful in identifying emotional learning needs.

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Working with Adolescents - 3 Day Conversion Course

Mon 24th Sep 2018 - Mon 22nd Oct 2018
Jupiter Hotels Mercure Bristol, Old Gloucester Road, Winterbourne, Bristol, BS36 1RP
Course ref. PA4490
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Resilience Film and Free Thrive Awareness Session

Thu 27th Sep 2018
Skelton Primary School, Station Lane, Skelton, Saltburn by the sea, Cleveland, TS12 2LR
Course ref. PA1417
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Practitioner Course: Childhood Years

Thu 27th Sep 2018 - Thu 21st Mar 2019
Richard Lee Primary School, The Drive, Wyken, Coventry, West Midlands, CV2 5FU
Course ref. PA4396
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