Thrive in Practice

Curious about what the Thrive Approach looks like in practice? You’re in the right place.

These free sessions are an opportunity for you to discover how the Thrive Approach is used in different schools and settings.

Hear first-hand from the educators using Thrive practice and Thrive-Online to remove barriers to learning and improve outcomes for all pupils. Learn about their journeys from initial training to whole school implementation and the impact of prioritising emotional health and mental wellbeing.

Upcoming in-person events

These 1.5 hour events will be held at different schools and settings across the UK. They will include an overview of the setting’s Thrive journey, experiences and outcomes, plus a tour of the school, a chance to see Thrive in action in the classroom and a look at their dedicated Thrive space.

 Contact us to discuss how the Thrive Approach can help you