Thrive Licensed Practitioner training

Our flagship suite of Thrive Licensed Practitioner courses are designed to help you improve children and young people’s wellbeing throughout your setting, ensure their healthy development and increase their ability to learn. 

These licensed courses provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to use Thrive as a whole-school wellbeing approach, do reparative interventions on a one-to-one and small group basis, and become the Thrive lead in your setting.

Key Information
  • All courses are structured into a number of virtual training sessions, with 2 e-mentoring sessions
  • Costs from £1,485


Find a course that's right for you

Early Years Licensed Practitioner

Learn how to work with babies and young children in a way that helps them to develop healthy, secure attachments and provides the foundations needed for emotional resilience, healthy stress regulation and learning.

Childhood Licensed Practitioner

Delve into the science behind behaviour and why children act the way they do. Explore how best to support their social and emotional development, build their resilience, and ensure they feel safe, supported and ready to learn.

Adolescence Licensed Practitioner

During adolescence, young people experience a burst in brain development, a changing body and challenging transitions. Discover how to guide young people through this unique time and support them on their journey to adulthood.

Working with Adolescents: Conversion Course

This course is designed for Thrive Licensed Practitioners who have completed the childhood course, and are now working with adolescents either in secondary schools or in Years 5/6 in primary schools.



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