About the Thrive Approach and its impact

We're on a mission to positively impact millions of children and young people's lives


Thrive has been working in partnership with educators and organisations to help young people feel safe, supported and ready to learn since 1994. For the staff at over 2,800 settings, the Thrive Approach is reducing exclusions, boosting attendance and ultimately, transforming lives. To find out how the Thrive Approach works and the difference it's making, click below to get started.


Early Years

How does the Thrive Approach work?

Thrive offers a trauma-informed, whole school or setting approach that helps to improve the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people.

We do this by providing you with training, resources and an award-winning online tool, so you can better understand the needs of your pupils and provide targeted, effective support where it’s needed.

With its focus on building secure relationships and providing positive experiences, the Thrive Approach has been proven to improve behaviour, attendance and learning outcomes.

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Primary Schools

What is Thrive-Online and how does it work?

Thrive-Online is our web-based profiling, action-planning and progress monitoring tool. It underpins the Thrive Approach and also supports you to collect evidence for continuous improvement work and inspection teams.

Its range of features include behaviour and skills surveys, personalised pupil action plans and over 1,000 practical strategies and activities to use in the classroom.

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What is the impact of Thrive on schools and settings?

Through a trauma-informed, whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing, Thrive helps children and young people to feel safe, supported and ready to learn. This results in calmer classrooms, engaged learners and happier staff.

Our case studies and impact reports profile a selection of our work and document how Thrive transforms lives.

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