CPD for Thrive Licensed Practitioners

Our training for Thrive Licensed Practitioners provides continuing professional development (CPD) to deepen your practise and networking meetings. This includes live webinars for specific topics, opportunities to expand your knowledge for another development stage or to further develop your skills so you can share your knowledge and experience of the Thrive Approach with parents and carers or train others wishing to gain their Thrive Practitioner Licence.


Find a course that's right for you

Helping Primary School Children to Manage Anxiety

Dive into the neuroscience behind anxiety and its associated behaviours. This session will provide you with tools, top tips, and tried-and-tested Thrive strategies for responding in ways that promote brain integration and emotional regulation.

Guest speaker: Coping with violence and aggression in schools

In this 2-hour webinar, staff from primary and secondary school settings will discover actionable strategies and effective techniques to help de-escalate situations where children and young people are showing aggression.

1825 Days: The Amazing Early Years

The first five years of a child’s life lay important foundations for the rest of their childhood and beyond. This two-hour course will help you to understand how to provide the experiences young children need to thrive.

Supporting a Positive Transition into Primary School

This course dives into the neuroscience associated with transitioning from one setting to the next, so you can positively support this major milestone in their young lives.

Supporting a Positive Transition from Primary into Secondary School

Providing the underpinning theory on why strong transitions are essential to support children and young people in their development, this course equips you with essential skills and knowledge and deepens your understanding of what high quality transition looks like.

Addressing Power Struggles in the Classroom

Discover how you can tackle power struggles in the classroom by drawing on insights from theoretical models and applying these to the classroom context.

How to Handle Outbursts and Meltdowns in Nursery Settings and Primary Schools

This course explains the neuroscience behind outbursts and meltdowns, gives you tools to distinguish between the two and provides tried and tested strategies for responding to outbursts in ways that promote brain integration and emotional regulation.

Working with Adolescents: Conversion

A conversion course for childhood trained Thrive Licensed Practitioners now working with adolescents.

Course Leader for Family Thrive

Increase the impact of your Thrive work by gaining the knowledge and skills required to share the Thrive Approach with the parents and carers of the children and young people you are supporting.

Tackling Emotionally-based School Avoidance

Explore some of the emotional reasons why children and young people avoid school and the impact of this on them and their parents/carers.

How to Talk to Children About Difficult Topics

In this two-hour virtual session, you will explore some of the difficult topics that children may encounter or experience themselves and ask you questions about.

Helping Very Young Children to Manage Big Worries

In this 2-hour session, you’ll be taught to fully understand your role when it comes to helping young children to cope with big worries. By learning how to become a ‘buffer’, you’ll be in a position to support these children to recognise, understand, manage, and regulate these emotions.

Guest speaker: How to weave the Thrive Approach into the primary school curriculum in England

Explore quick and easy strategies to help you embed Thrive into the primary curriculum in England.

Understanding How to Positively Support 11–13-Year-Olds

In this early phase of adolescence, our 11–13-year-olds need us to be respectful and supportive as they transition into a new phase of their development. In this session, you’ll learn how to support these young people with what they need to flourish and thrive.

Understanding How to Positively Support 13–15-Year-Olds

In this mid phase of adolescence, 13–15-year-olds need us to be calm and containing as they experiment and explore new and more socially complex experiences. Learn how to support these young people with what they need to flourish and thrive in this phase of development.

Understanding How to Positively Support 15–18-Year-Olds

In this two-hour session, you'll learn how to support and most effectively be alongside your 15-18-year-olds, with what they need to flourish and Thrive in this phase of adolescence.

Building Effective Relationships with Primary School Parents and Carers

Explore strategies and tools to build effective relationships with parents and carers, helping to ensure a strong team is created around each child.

Thrive Train-the-Trainer

A transformational course designed for Thrive Licensed Practitioners who would like to train others to become Thrive Licensed Practitioners.

Softening the Prickles

Strong self-awareness and the capacity to stay calm, regulated and loving in the face of challenge are vital skills for being both an effective Thrive practitioner and a powerful leader and change-maker.




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