CPD for Thrive Licensed Practitioners

Our training for Thrive Licensed Practitioners provides continuing professional development (CPD) to deepen your practise and networking meetings. This includes live webinars for specific topics, opportunities to expand your knowledge for another development stage or to further develop your skills so you can share your knowledge and experience of the Thrive Approach with parents and carers or train others wishing to gain their Thrive Practitioner Licence.


Find a course that's right for you

Dr Suzanne Zeedyk - FNC keynote webinar

Come and hear from Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, a research scientist, as she explores just how Covid has changed our children and young people.

Sandra Teacher - FNC keynote webinar

Hear from FNC keynote speaker, Sandra Teacher, an educational consultant and adviser with experience of leading Ofsted inspections, on how best to showcase the impact of Thrive.

Lending Your Thinking Brain and Captain Thinking

Developing cognitive processing skills is vital in supporting a child to be able to think through different options leading to them choosing ways to behave. This 2-hour webinar will help you improve your understanding of how to lend your thinking brain and using Captain Thinking.

Tales from the Teenage Brain: The opportunity of adolescence

Adolescence is a transformative time in a young person’s development. Hear more about how our knowledge of neuroscience can help us to develop our relational skills to support adolescents.

Making Space for Grief

Supporting children through bereavement and loss during and after the pandemic. This two-hour webinar will help you to support the children and young people who have experienced loss during the pandemic.

Working with Adolescents: Conversion

A conversion course for childhood trained Thrive Licensed Practitioners now working with adolescents.

Bridging the Gap

Further supporting children with Individual action plans with right-time learning. A 2-hour webinar to deepen your skills as the Thrive Licensed Practitioner to advise colleagues in the classroom on optimal ways to support children with Thrive Action Plans.


Creating safety in relationships. This 2-hour webinar will help develop how you use the Relate-Rupture-Repair cycle to strengthen the connection with the children and young people you work with.

Thrive Train-the-Trainer

A transformational course designed for Thrive Licensed Practitioners who would like to train others to become Thrive Licensed Practitioners.

Demystifying Shining the Light

Shining the light is one of the most useful strategies we use to improve children’s behaviour – this webinar will help you to learn more about it and improve your understanding through watching film clips of Shining the Light in action.

Right Here, Right Now

Increase the impact of Thrive across your setting by helping to strengthen the relationships between staff and the children and young people using some simple strategies.

Course Leader for Family Thrive

Increase the impact of your Thrive work by gaining the knowledge and skills required to share the Thrive Approach with the parents and carers of the children and young people you are supporting.

Developing a Relational Policy

With the new requirements around relationship education, this webinar looks at how to use the relate-rupture-repair cycle to support behaviour.

Softening the Prickles

Strong self-awareness and the capacity to stay calm, regulated and loving in the face of challenge are vital skills for being both an effective Thrive practitioner and a powerful leader and change-maker.

1825 Days: The amazing early years

This 2-hour webinar covers the first five years of a child’s development, exploring how our brains learn through play, the relationships that a child has with the adults around them and how to optimise the experiences of babies and very young children.




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