Thrive for International Schools


How does Thrive work in international schools and British schools overseas?

Embedded as a whole school approach, Thrive supports international and British schools overseas to improve outcomes for all children and young people.

By encouraging positive relationships, Thrive not only supports social and emotional development but helps pupils feel better equipped to understand the changes they are going through and how to manage their emotions in a positive way.

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Thrive in Action

Whether you’re interested in exploring Thrive theory, curious about what the Approach looks like in practice, or on the fence about whether we’re a fit for your setting, these free webinars have got you covered.

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If you’re curious about Thrive or ready to join the 75,000+ educators already impacting the lives of children and young people by teaching social and emotional skills, schedule a Discovery Call with a member of the team.

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5 simple steps to a whole school approach


1. Develop the skills and knowledge to use Thrive

Individual and whole staff training will ensure everyone understands the principles and language of Thrive and how to embed it as a whole school initiative.


2. Identify social and emotional needs using Thrive-Online

Profile groups, classes and individuals to see where they are in their social and emotional development and create action plans for those who need additional support. Learn more about Thrive-Online.


3. Implement targeted action plans

Choose practical strategies and activities to help your pupils manage their behaviour, build emotional resilience and become more open to learning.


4. Monitor progress, report and demonstrate impact

Track the difference Thrive is making and share progress easily with key stakeholders. Make data-informed decisions and adjust action plans to ensure the best outcomes.


5. Connect attendance, behaviour and wellbeing data

Take advantage of the comprehensive package of support available to Thrive members – from free Network Meetings, to weekly Supervision Sessions and personal support calls.



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If you’re curious about how Thrive is already supporting International Schools to impact the lives of children and young people, schedule a Discovery Call with a member of the team.

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