Acceptable use policy

This Acceptable Use Policy sets out the terms under which you may use our website and Thrive-Online and applies to users of both.

We welcome your input and comments to questions and answers. You are also welcome to post blogs for discussion.

Whilst we encourage participation, we need to ensure that users respect our aims and comply with our rules. All users should read this Acceptable Use Policy as breach of the policy can lead to immediate termination of your account/licence and removal of your posts.

You may use our websites and the content within it for your own lawful purposes only. You may not reproduce any part of our websites or its content unless permitted by these terms and conditions.

You are responsible for your use of our website. You promise that any use of our website will be in accordance with our Content Standards below and that your content does not infringe the copyright of others.

You agree that, if any claim is made against us because of your failure to abide by these terms you will be responsible for the claim and all our costs of dealing with that claim.

If you break this promise, we may bring legal proceedings against you and we will immediately end your use of our website and your licence.

Content standards

General Use of our website and Thrive Online

Once you have entered into a licence with us you will be able to use Thrive-Online only for purposes connected with your work or, if you have purchased a Home Licence, your own family and children living with you.

You must not:

  • reproduce or copy (or assist any third party to reproduce or copy) any part of Thrive-Online or the website
  • access without authority, interfere with, damage or disrupt any part of the website
  • access or attempt to access information held on Thrive-Online about particular children unless you have specific permission to do so.
  • share passwords or allow anyone else to use your password or login.
  • pass on any information you obtain from Thrive-Online without permission.

We permit the following content to be posted:

  • Free text in posted comments
  • Free text in blog comments
  • Symbols (eg emojis)

We want all users to enjoy their use of our websites and we promote free speech but with that comes a responsibility to respect others. We ask that you comply with the spirit and the letter of the following standards.

You may only post content that is:

  • permitted under the Website Terms and Conditions or where otherwise permitted on the website
  • accurate and states facts that might be relied upon; and
  • if you state opinions, these should be genuinely held
  • complies with any applicable UK laws

You must ensure that your content:

  • does not defame anyone;
  • is not obscene, offensive, hateful or inflammatory,
  • does not promote sexually explicit material, violence, illegal activity or unlawful discrimination;
  • does not infringe any copyright, trade mark or other rights;
  • does not have any fraudulent purpose or effect,
  • cannot be used for war, terrorism or other illegal purposes,
  • is not likely to deceive, harass, alarm, annoy or invade the privacy of any person; or
  • does not misrepresent your identity or affiliation with any person including us.

We do not endorse any content posted by you or another user and shall not be responsible for any comment or criticism made by a user of our websites. During your use of our websites you may be exposed to comments that are factually incorrect, offensive or otherwise objectionable to you and you agree to waive any legal right you may have against us with respect to these comments.

You give us a permanent unrestricted right to use your content so that we can broadcast it and re-use it for marketing and other purposes.

Content Belonging to Others

You must respect copyright and confidentiality. You promise to us that if you use content belonging to others or is known to you under a duty of confidentiality, the owner will have agreed to this use. Only upload music, artwork or sounds that you made or that you are authorised to use, including model-release and royalty free images collected in the public domain and including third party videos.

Changes to the acceptable use policy

We may revise these terms at any time by amending this page, so it is advisable that you check this page from time to time.

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