Building Emotional Health training

These courses are perfect for practitioners looking to start their Thrive journey. The training is designed to help you build children and young people’s emotional resilience so they can effectively manage stress and take on life’s ups and downs.

The training also leads to Thrive Emotional Health Practitioner status and can be converted to Thrive Licensed Practitioner status with additional modules.


Find a course that's right for you

Building Emotional Health in Early Years

This course has been designed for practitioners working with babies, toddlers and young children to develop a greater understanding of how to support the emotional wellbeing of this age group. It will provide you with the practical knowledge of how to be in relationship with the children, and how this can help them to build their emotional resilience.

Building Emotional Health in Childhood

This course is ideal for any practitioner working alongside primary school aged children (4 to 11 year olds). The training will help you understand what children’s behaviour is communicating and equip you with the skills needed to identify and meet the emotional needs of your pupils, ensuring they feel safe, supported and ready to learn.

Building Emotional Health in Adolescence

During adolescence, young people experience a burst in brain development, a changing body and challenging transitions. Designed for practitioners working alongside 11 to 18 years olds, this course will teach you how to create a safe and emotionally healthy environment for the young people in your setting as they navigate this challenging time.




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