Thrive-Online is a web-based profiling, action-planning and progress monitoring resource that underpins all Thrive practice.

Central to the Thrive Approach, Thrive-Online and its reporting facilities help you to:

- clearly and systematically identify the social and emotional needs of children and young people either individually or in groups
- develop tailored action-plans for the individual or group, drawn from thousands of strategies and practical activities that support healthy social and emotional development
- monitor progress and adapt action plans to ensure the best outcome for each child or group.

We are currently offering a two-year Thrive subscription bundle from just £2,536 (plus VAT) per year, depending on the size of school.

Thrive-Online enables you to:
  • Clearly and systematically identify the social and emotional needs of the children and young people you are working with.
  • Profile whole groups as well as individual pupils identified as having additional needs.
  • Action-plan at a group and individual level, with a raft of strategies and age-appropriate activities to incorporate in your lesson planning that will support social and emotional development.
  • Measure and report on the progress of whole groups and individuals over time.

To date, more than 40,000 staff have received Thrive training in the UK and beyond, ensuring more than 500,000 children and young people have access to the Thrive Approach.

They are supported by more than 4,000 Licensed Practitioners and more than 10,000 staff, who use Thrive-Online for class or group screening.

Evidencing Thrive

Proving that Thrive works to improve outcomes for children can be crucial for settings under pressure to deliver results and to show the value of this investment. Thrive-Online enables you to gather and apply data relating to pupils’ social and emotional development in a number of ways:

  • Identify which classes have pupils who need an extra adult to provide support
  • Develop termly whole-class and one-to-one action plans
  • Link Thrive results to other measures, such as academic achievement, attendance or exclusions
  • Evaluate the impact of Pupil Premium and Early Years Funding by profiling and reviewing pupils with Thrive action plans
  • Demonstrate the impact of Thrive across the school or on specific groups, such as those not yet meeting age-related expectations
  • Provide evidence for reviews and funding for looked-after-children and Early Help Assessments, children with special educational needs and Education, Health and Care Plans
  • Provide impact data for different audiences, including parents, governors, local authorities, academy trust boards and Ofsted.

Case studies

While it is important to understand the model behind The Thrive Approach, what really matters is the impact that it can have in practice for the development of an individual child or young person.

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