What’s Involved

Through online tools, training and mentoring, we support you in learning about the emotional and social development relevant to a child’s age. We also help you to understand a child’s challenging or troubling behaviour as communication.

Every child will get an individual plan. You will be given suggestions for activities and strategies to support you to implement the plan. You can review the child’s progress at regular intervals and assess and monitor their progress.

Thrive Awareness Session

The Thrive free online awareness session is a 20-minute introduction designed to give you an insight into the theory and concepts of The Thrive Approach, and how it can be used to support children and young people in their settings.

You will get an overview of the essential elements of the Thrive Approach including:

  • Developmental strands which underpin the Thrive model
  • Which licensed practitioner course is for you
  • CPD and how it supports your further learning of Thrive
  • How Thrive-Online can be used to profile groups and individuals to monitor the progress of social and emotional development
  • How Thrive can be successfully embedded fully in a setting
  • Case studies which illustrate the real difference Thrive can make
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Whole School Inductions

A Whole School Induction is the first step towards embedding the Thrive Approach and regular use of the Thrive-Online assessment tool as a whole school ethos. It gives all members of staff the understanding of the underpinning theories and practical ways to remain in relationships when dealing with challenging behaviour. It supports staff to look at behaviour developmentally. In the Whole School Induction Plus staff will learn how to support right time development through using the Thrive-Online assessment tool by whole group profiling and action planning.

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It changes perception of behaviour in children and truly makes it a whole school approach in which all staff can see they have a role to play.


Thrive offers a wide range of induction, training and mentoring options to help us in our roles as parents, carers, adopters, foster carers and childcare professionals.

In schools, whole-staff training is also available to ensure the Thrive Approach and understanding permeates across all aspects of school life.

Courses are offered on an ‘Open Access’ basis (where you come to us) and, for groups of 8 or more, ‘In-House’ (where we come to you).

Courses for professionals cover Licensed training for

  • Practitioners Early Years
  • Practitioners Childhood
  • Practitioners Adolescence
  • Practitioners Social Care
  • Practitioners Health Care
  • Training the Trainers
  • CPD

Foundation Training

Foundation Training

  • Introductions to the neuroscience and key concepts that underpin the Thrive Approach
  • Modular training to help you support age appropriate or ‘right time’ emotional development
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Licensed Training

Licensed Training

  • Courses for professionals supporting children and young people to strengthen or rework the earlier developmental stages
  • Helping you to meet the needs of children and young people in early years, childhood and adolescence
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Intermediate Training

Intermediate Training

  • Continuing professional development for Licensed Practitioners
  • Helping you to deepen and extend your Thrive practice
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Advanced Training

Advanced Training

  • Advanced training for those wishing to become Trainers
  • Helping you to build in-house training capacity, reduce cost and extend best practice
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Continuing Professional Development

You will be able to deepen and extend your practice to better meet children’s emotional and social developmental needs, Thrive offers a broad programme of CPDs for Thrive Licensed Practitioners.

CPD courses are available to Thrive Licensed Practitioners and above. By engaging in continuing professional development:

  • Deepen and broaden your knowledge of Thrive
  • You will be able to maintain the currency and assured quality standards of your qualification
  • Most importantly, you will be better placed to ensure the best possible outcomes for the children in your care

For details of Trainer CPD relicensing requirements please get in touch.

To maintain your Licensed Practitioner status you must each year (following the academic year in which you were licensed):

  • Update your knowledge and skills by attending at least one Thrive approved training course to gain a minimum of 10 CPD points
  • Provide evidence of on-going, active use of Thrive-Online to support your practice. (The minimum requirement is for you to complete at least three individual profiles or re-profiles.)
  • Undertake at least 8 hours private study
  • Pay the annual licence fee for your licence level. For Licensed Practitioners this is zero


Thrive-Online will help you to assess and support children’s emotional and social development. Using an integrative model drawn from child development, neuroscience and attachment research, the program will identify the emotional learning children need.

Access to Thrive-Online can be purchased on an annual subscription basis. Active use of Thrive-Online is an essential element for achieving and maintaining Thrive Licensed Practitioner status. For further details on subscriptions available for your setting, please contact us at subscriptions@thriveapproach.com or call us on 01392 797550.

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Whole group profiling

Profile a class or group against age-related expectations. Identify children working age-appropriately. Identify children working just below age-related expectations. Identify children needing additional one-to-one support through individual profiling, whose needs might have gone unnoticed.

Group Action Planning

Prepare Class Action Plans to support right-time emotional development. Draw from hundreds of Curriculum Strategies and Teaching Suggestions.
Chart your class results. Monitor class and group progress.

Individual Pupil Profiling

In-depth profiling for individual pupils needing one-to-one support. Prepare targeted action plans for individual, home and agency working. Update plans as pupils’ needs change. Monitor individual pupils’ progress.

Whole School Approach

Early intervention that is rigorous, targeted and measured. Chart progress by academy chain, organisation, class and individual. Map impact against attendance, attainment and other schools’ data.