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16th June 2022| Blogs

Fewer questions and improved action plans

We are delighted to announce some exciting changes coming to Thrive-Online this July that will make using the system more straight-forward and more time-efficient while providing more targeted action plans for the children and young people you work with.

Fewer profiling questions 

Questions for all the developmental strands have been rewritten and restructured, so you can make the same level assessment on fewer questions. The questions will be more precise and easier to answer but will still cover the depth and breadth of the knowledge and theory that underpins the Thrive Approach.

Questions for an individual baseline assessment will be pared down from 45 to 24, which will significantly reduce the amount of time spent profiling but also produce better-quality action plans.

For practitioners profiling whole classes, there will be 9 questions to answer for each pupil rather than 18.

"The system will be more straight-forward, more time-efficient and provide more targeted action plans"

Age-respectful strategies and activities from early years to adolescence

Strategies and activities are also being revised and will be targeted depending on the age of the young person you’re working with, rather than just the strand, ensuring all solutions are age respectful.

For practitioners working with early years, there will be new right-time questions which will result in action plans specifically designed for babies, toddlers and young children.

For those working with adolescents, the Interdependence strand has been divided into four sub-strands: Entering Interdependence, Exploring Interdependence, Practising Interdependence and Consolidating Interdependence.


When will the changes happen?

The refreshed Thrive-Online content and experience will launch on Tuesday 26 July, allowing you time to familiarise yourself with the updates before profiling children and young people in September.

Years of theory has been applied and refined and advances in neuroscience will be reflected in the changes, making Thrive-Online a universal resource that provides support from birth to adulthood.

The improvements will ensure that your journey through Thrive-Online is straightforward and time-efficient and the content is current, relevant, appropriate and effective. And what’s more – this is only the first phase of development.


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