Secondary schools

Adopting the Thrive Approach in secondary settings delivers significant positive changes through helping young people understand the changes happening in their brains and bodies during adolescence.


Able to thrive.


Understanding how the teenage brain develops during adolescence presents incredible opportunities to help young people learn.

Embedding Thrive across secondary settings delivers right-time and reparative support for adolescent social and emotional development and provides action plans that can be implemented to support the needs of students who struggle to access learning.

This creates an environment where students and staff can feel safe, supported and able to thrive, leading to a reduction in fixed term exclusions, a calmer atmosphere and a decrease in crisis situations.

In practice, Thrive in secondary settings can involve using a shared language that enables young people to express and manage their feelings, establishing welcoming teams, setting up safe spaces, developing activity areas, building meaningful relationships, reinforcing connections and helping all young people to develop their positive mental health to move forward.