We partner with diocese across England & Wales to provide a whole school approach to wellbeing, helping your students to progress morally and spiritually, as well as academically.

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Creating a solid foundation

As children and young people grow they face crucial milestones in their development journeys. Healthy relationships and timely emotional and development support create the basis for wellbeing and increased learning; that can then accompany them throughout their lives.

A whole school approach to wellbeing promotes respectful teaching and learning where children and young people feel safe, supported and included. We know that pupil wellbeing and positive learning outcomes are inextricably linked. Wellbeing is integral to engagement and successful learning at school, and successful learning contributes to positive outcomes throughout our lives. 

Implementing Thrive throughout a diocese allows children and young people to feel supported. It allows them to learn to manage their, at times, difficult emotions, improves behaviour and attendance, and creates the conditions required for positive mental health and wellbeing.

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Your Diocese’s Thrive Journey

Although every diocese has its own requirements and objectives, there is one simple route you can follow to start your Thrive journey today.

The route below can be adjusted to accommodate different budget levels and setting types while allowing you to implement Thrive in settings as a whole school approach.

Start your Thrive journey by joining over 2800 settings in the UK already using Thrive to improve the emotional wellbeing and attainment of the children and young people in their setting.

Diocese Thrive Journey

Diocese route

To ensure that there is full support and understanding of how to develop a whole setting wellbeing programme throughout your schools, one senior leadership team member of each one of your settings attends our Leading Emotionally Healthy Settings course.

This is followed by one or two staff members from each of your schools joining our Licensed Practitioner training; learning how to be and what to do in response to children's varying, and often complex, social and emotional needs.

To equip all of the staff from each of your schools with the fundamental concepts and language of Thrive, all staff attend our Thrive Whole-School Induction.

This route gives you the best possible start to implementing Thrive as a school wide approach throughout your schools.

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Senior Mental Health Lead

Have one staff member join our DfE funded Senior Mental Health Lead training to gain the strategic perspective and understanding needed to embed a right-time, whole-setting approach to promoting emotional wellbeing and preventing mental health issues (free for 1 delegate).

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Start your journey with Thrive

If you're ready to improve attendance, behaviour & attainment, click here to schedule a 30-minute Discovery Call with a member of the team. These calls are designed to fit in around your schedule, to give you an opportunity to have your questions answered and establish whether or not our service is a good fit. Our Relationship Managers won't sell to you, but they will let you know if they think we can help.