Primary Schools

Embedded as a whole-setting approach within a primary school, Thrive not only supports the social and emotional development of all children but also helps to manage distressed behaviour and reduce exclusions.

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Enabling Learning

At such a crucial time in children’s development, using a positive relational stance, through play, creativity and the arts, the Thrive Approach helps primary settings make the most of pupil’s learning opportunities – helping to manage distressed behaviour and reduce exclusions. Seizing these, and meeting developmental needs at the right-time, helps pupils become more resilient and open to learning.

In practice, Thrive offers primary settings practical strategies and skills to improve emotional wellbeing and social wellbeing; increasing attendance, reducing anxiety and enhance learning. This can involve creating dedicated Thrive spaces, engaging children in art activities that reduce stress and developing an underlying focus on the wellbeing of pupils, staff and parents.

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Your Primary School's Journey

Start your Thrive journey today by joining over 2800 settings in the UK already using Thrive to improve the emotional wellbeing and attainment of the children and young people in their setting.

To begin, just:

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The two routes below allow you to implement Thrive in your setting as a whole school approach - so benefits of implementing Thrive can reach all of your pupils and staff.

Primary school Thrive Journey

Route 1 - Strategic

Route 1 is the recommended approach to thoughtfully embed Thrive throughout the school, championed and role modelled by the Leadership team from the top down.

This option gives the best possible start for a school-wide implementation of Thrive.

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Route 2 - Rapid

Route 2 allows for rapid, ground up, school-wide Thrive implementation to swiftly tackle challenges around student wellbeing, behaviour, absence, or attainment.

Embedding Thrive from the bottom up ensures frontline staff receive training as a top priority.

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Senior Mental Health Lead

Have one staff member join our DfE funded Senior Mental Health Lead training to gain the strategic perspective and understanding needed to embed a right-time, whole-setting approach to promoting emotional wellbeing and preventing mental health issues (free for 1 delegate).

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Benefits for Primary Schools
  • Stress reduction for both pupils and staff
  • Tailored strategies and action plans for pupils’ healthy emotional development (for individual pupils and groups)
  • Improved attendance, exclusion reduction and enhanced ability to learn

Start your journey with Thrive

If you're ready to improve attendance, behaviour & attainment, click here or the button below to schedule a 30-minute Discovery Call with a member of the team. These calls are designed to fit in around your schedule, to give you an opportunity to have your questions answered and establish whether or not our service is a good fit. Our Relationship Managers won't sell to you, but they will let you know if they think we can help.