Primary schools

Embedded as a whole-setting approach within a primary school, Thrive not only supports the social and emotional development of all children but also helps to manage distressed behaviour and reduce exclusions.


Open to learning.


Using a positive relational stance with children, through play, creativity and the arts, the Thrive Approach helps them make the most of their learning opportunities.

Seizing these, and meeting developmental needs at the right-time, can help pupils become more resilient, open to learning and able to thrive.

It is this approach that ultimately makes a difference in the lives of pupils and enables them to fulfil their full potential.

In practice, Thrive offers primary settings practical strategies that support optimal social and emotional development and make a lasting difference. This can involve creating dedicated Thrive spaces, engaging children in art activities that reduce stress and developing an underlying focus on the wellbeing of pupils, staff and parents.