Thrive Whole-School Induction (Childhood)

Equip all your staff with the fundamental concepts and language of Thrive as you start or refresh your Thrive journey.

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Course overview

Thrive is a dynamic developmental approach to working with all children and young people and especially those who display challenging behaviour, which interrupts their own and others’ learning. This tried and tested approach helps staff in school to understand what may be happening for the children in their setting and what can be done differently to re-engage children with life and learning.

Led by a Thrive Licensed Trainer, this 3-hour interactive virtual training session will introduce all your staff to the fundamentals of the Thrive Approach, giving them an understanding of the underlying principles and concepts used to support the wellbeing of all the children in your setting. The session includes a section dedicated to demonstrating Thrive-Online, our profiling, monitoring and measuring tool.

Suitable for

This Thrive Whole-School Induction session is designed for all the staff in schools working with primary aged children (4 to 11 year olds).

Please note this course can only be booked through the office (Tel: 01392 797555 Option 1).

Costs (excluding VAT):

  • £815 for up to 30 members of staff
  • £893 for 31-65 staff
  • £1,267 for 65-100 staff
  • £1,967 for 101-150 staff

If you need to reschedule your course attendance because you have Covid or have to isolate, the first rearrangement is free, a subsequent rearrangement will incur an admin fee of £50 plus VAT and any further rescheduling will be charged at £100 plus VAT.


For settings that would like to commission a face-to-face training session, there is a flat rate charge of £300 per trainer per day (or part thereof) plus VAT.

Please note prices are for courses starting on or after 1 September 2022. 


Course structure

The Whole-School Induction covers the following topics, and is delivered in one, 3-hour session:

Part A: Fundamentals of the Thrive Approach

  • Outline of the theory that underpins the Thrive Approach.
  • Deepen the team's understanding of the reasons behind the more distressed behaviours.
  • Provide simple strategies to address the developmental needs of all children and especially your more vulnerable children.
  • Explore how these strategies can be implemented.

Part B: Demonstration of Thrive-Online

  • What does right-time development looks like at the relevant developmental strands, enabling staff to distinguish between healthy and interrupted behaviours.
  • Introduce Thrive-Online, the assessment action planning tool and show how to screen a whole class of children.
  • Interpreting the results and exploring how to use the data effectively.
  • Selecting developmentally appropriate strategies to help improve the emotional well-being of the children at the age appropriate stage.

Course outcomes

By the end of the Whole-School Induction session, staff will feel better informed about the Thrive Approach and Thrive-Online and be able to fully support right-time development within their role.


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