Early Years Licensed Practitioner

Learn how to work with babies and young children in a way that helps them to develop healthy, secure attachments and provides the foundations needed for emotional resilience, healthy stress regulation and learning.


At a glance

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Course duration

14 sessions

Delivery method

Delivery method

Virtual AM, PM or EVE sessions


Entry requirements

Thrive-Online subscription

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Price per place

£1485 excl. VAT

Wise Investment Guarantee



Course Outcomes

Successful completion of this course leads to Thrive Licensed Practitioner for Early Years status.

This in-depth training will equip you with the skills and knowledge to support the optimal social and emotional development of the children in your care, ensuring they have the best possible start to life and learning.

You will learn how to use Thrive-Online to profile groups and individuals, create targeted action plans and monitor progress over time.

Who is it for?

This course is ideal for anyone working closely with babies and very young children in a teaching, healthcare or social care role, including childminders and nursery and pre-school staff.

Please note: Prices are for courses starting on or after 1 September 2023. Price also includes Thrive membership, professional licensing on successful completion of the course, plus two CPD webinars in your first year.

Specific requirements: To be professionally licensed you will need to be an authorised user of Thrive-Online through an annual whole-setting subscription. This subscription needs to be in place for day one of your training. Full attendance is required to gain Licensed status. For settings that would like to commission a face-to-face training session, there is a flat rate charge of £450 per trainer per day (or part thereof) plus VAT.

Wise Investment Guarantee: If a Licensed Practitioner leaves a setting within 12 months of starting their course, we'll train another member of staff for free within 12 months of the original start date.

The benefits of Thrive have been huge. I find that creating a really special relationship is key to everything. Once we have worked on that trust, that’s the beginning of it all."

Amelia Joyner, Leader, Cullompton Pre-School



What you'll learn

This course will help you understand how to build emotional health and wellbeing in babies, toddlers and young children.

During the virtual training sessions, you'll explore:

  • Key theories of early child development and strategies that support optimal social and emotional health and well-being for babies, toddlers and young children
  • How to use Thrive-Online, our profiling, measuring and monitoring tool, for group screening, individual baseline screening and action planning
  • Strategies and activities to support learning for babies, toddlers and young children
  • Relational experiences that support key developmental tasks
  • How to recognise the key times that babies, toddlers or young children may struggle with, and provides strategies for managing these times
  • How to notice and address early signs of difficulties and offer relevant support to meet individual needs within time

Course structure

The course is structured into 12 virtual training sessions, each 3 hours long, with 2 e-mentoring sessions:

Session 1: Introducing the Thrive Approach
Session 2: How our brains and bodies respond to stress
Session 3: Relationship: Being and Doing
Session 4: Relationship: Thinking, and Power and Identity
Session 5: Understanding our responses to behaviour
Session 6: Being the resource

E-mentoring session 1

Session 7: Core emotions
Session 8: Supporting parents and carers
Session 9: Securing learning within time
Session 10: Behaviour as a communicator

E-mentoring session 2

Session 11: Thrive in the Early Years environment
Session 12: Being a Thrive Licensed Practitioner


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