New podcast episode! We managed transition differently this year using Thrive – here’s what happened next

29th September 2022 | Blogs

How has transition gone in your setting? Hopefully, you have a new intake of happy faces who are enjoying the increased independence and growth that comes with the move to secondary school. But alongside those that have settled well, it’s highly likely that you can think of some children who have found transition challenging, resulting in dysregulated behaviour and concerns over attendance. It can be a difficult time and it can also set the tone for the rest of the academic year. Generally, if a child starts a new setting with good attendance and calm, regulated behaviour it means that they feel safe and secure and are likely to engage with their learning.  

What if there were a few simple steps you could take with transition that would change things for you and your pupils? 

The latest episode of Thrive’s Connected podcast is called  We managed transition differently this year using Thrive® – here’s what happened next. It will give added motivation and some great tips to anyone who is struggling this autumn term. Featuring Dawn Wheeldon, from Conyers School, in Stockton-on-Tees, this episode is all about how Dawn used Thrive to take a really pro-active approach to transition with a small group of children. Dawn and her colleagues are thrilled with the results so far and have some simple suggestions that you could try as part of your transition planning when it comes round this year. 

Listen in to learn:  

  • Why focusing on a core group of pupils is key – and how to identify them 
  • Which activities work best to help pupils prepare for transition 
  • Simple strategies to get buy in from parents and to build a positive relationship with them before term starts 
  • How you can involve older pupils by creating successful buddy schemes  

    Anyone who is involved with transition planning will find some really useful strategies in the podcast and Dawn’s enthusiasm and willingness to think outside the box is inspirational. Grab a cup of coffee and have a listen to find out how you can achieve the same results. 

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