How to build trusting and open relationships with parents and carers

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The latest episode of Thrive’s Connected podcast focuses on how educators can create and maintain good relationships with parents and carers. In the podcast, Rose Webb, Thrive’s Policy, Practice and Innovation lead, explains the benefits that a trusting and open relationship between home and school can bring for staff, parents and carers and, of course, for children and young people.

Listen to discover: 

  • How good relationships between home and school can help create a preventative approach to mental health problems, with parents and carers more likely to be pro-active about communicating issues at home and potential problems.
  • What a trusting and open relationship with families and carers looks like in practice.
  • Why parents may struggle to engage with school because of their own past experiences – and how to respond if this is the case.
  • How Family Thrive sessions can foster these good relationships.
  • How good relationships can be developed and maintained in details such as the language used on a school’s website                              

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