LGBTQIA+ and mental health: what educators need to know

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In this episode, we’re talking about gender and sexuality and why it’s important to consider them when talking to children and young people about mental health and wellbeing. My guest is education consultant and former deputy headteacher Ian Timbrell, who trains staff to create a genuinely inclusive culture of diversity when it comes to LGBTQIA+. Ian will be delivering two CPD sessions for Thrive in the next few months giving practical tips about how primary and secondary school staff can respond to children and young people who want to have conversations around gender and sexuality. He will also focus on language – what to say and what to avoid – so that educators can feel confident about having sensitive and supportive conversations with all children and young people. 

Listen to discover: 

  • Why the + is the most important part of LGBTQIA+ 
  • How you can avoid tokenism in schools and create a genuine culture of inclusion and diversity 
  • Why educators shouldn’t shy away from conversations about gender, sexuality and identity and how allowing children and young people to be open will benefit their mental health 
  • The one question classroom staff should ask if a child initiates a conversation around gender and identity 
  • Why LGBTQIA+ is not a safeguarding issue 

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