How to prepare for a school return (and Thrive's first School of Excellence in England)

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In this episode, we feature Kay Hamilton, Thrive’s Strategic Lead and Trainer talking how about teachers and parents and carers can prepare for the full re-opening of schools. Kay shares some really useful insight into the range of emotions children may be feeling and she gives simple, practical tips on how trusted adults can help them to be ready to go back. We also hear from Paul Baker, Headteacher of Gulval School, in Penzance. Paul talks about leading the first Thrive School of Excellence in England, how his school came to have its own farm – and what it felt like to climb Snowdon with his pupils.

Listen in to learn:

  • Why a relational approach is crucial in supporting children and young people through change
  • How the impact of change can be mitigated through preparation - with examples of the few simple things than can make change more manageable 
  • The conversations to have with children and young people to help them process their experiences
  • Why senior leadership buy in was crucial for Gulval School's Thrive journey
  • How Thrive has helped Gulval School to benefit from increased attendance, fewer disruptions and a zero exclusion rate 
  • Why a sense of responsibility is so important to Paul and how he encourages children to take on commitments

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